Enjoy Málaga´s Gastronomy

The gastronomy of Malaga is very delicious and varied. The Mediterranean diet helps us to have a balanced lifestyle through healthy recipes. If you are visiting Málaga, take the opportunity to discover the typical products and the delicious recipes that this city offers you.

We want you to discover the authentic essence of Malaga and therefore, to all our customers who make a direct booking through our website, we give them a welcome pack full of typical products from Malaga. A unique opportunity to discover the flavors of the land and enjoy a different gastronomic experience. In this area of ​​the “Costa del Sol” you can discover a different cuisine. We will recommend you some of the most popular to start your gastronomic route through the city.

“Espetos”: This is a very typical image in the beach bars of Malaga. These are grilled sardines on a stick, salted and make on a boat. Its origin goes back to 1882 when Miguel Martinez Soler, a fisherman of the area of ​​El Palo, began to cook like in this way this type of fish. At the moment they are so popular that even exists a monument to the mariner in the Marine Walk Antonio Machado, next to the beach of the Misericordia. Enjoy a good “espeto” by the sea is one of those little pleasures that you can not miss.


Fried anchovies: being a coastal city, fish in Malaga is one of the main protagonists of the diet. We recommend you try the fried anchovies. There are many varieties and recipes to make them, all equally delicious. In Malaga are very popular the “Victorians”anchovies. Its name has to do with the best season of this fish that coincides with the day of the Victory, on 8 September. Its a variety that measures 9 centimeters and is presented creating a spanish fan of anchovies joined by the tail.


“Campero”: Campero is a round sandwich that can have different fillings. The most common is ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. But there are more varieties among which you can choose your favorite. This type of sandwich was popularized during the decade of the 80 and already its a reference food in the city.


“Ajoblanco”: is a cold soup made with almonds very popular throughout the province of Malaga. Its usually served accompanied by grapes which creates a contrast of very interesting flavors. Its such a popular dish that even had parties are held in its honor in the area of ​​the Axarquia.


“Porra antequerana”: its the name of a typical dish from the region of Antequera. Its made with tomato, bread, garlic, oil and vinegar and is accompanied with ham, egg and tuna small pieces. Its a perfect dish to enjoy in summer although you can try it at any time of the year.


“Malagueña” salad: A classic recipe that is consumed especially in summer. Its made with cooked potatoes, orange, cod and olives. A healthy, original and refreshing option that you have to try.


These are just some of the delights you can try in this beautiful city of the “Costa del Sol”. Choose one of our apartments and enjoy an unforgettable visit to Malaga, a place that will never stop to surprise you.