Malaga’s Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of Malaga, also known as La Concepción, has more than one hundred and fifty years of history. Its located at the north entrance of the city and is one of the few gardens in Europe that has a subtropical climate. We invite you to discover this outdoor museum where you can enjoy the calm and nature.

If you like plants and enjoy watching the works of nature, this place is perfect for you. It has more than fifty thousand plants of two thousand tropical, subtropical and native species. Among them stands out his impressive collection of a hundred different species of palm trees. La Concepcion was built in 1855 and in the past was a recreation estate for a family of the high bourgeoisie in Malaga, the Loring- Casa Marquises. Together they managed to gather an important archaeological and botanical heritage.

All those works of art that the family was gathering could be visited at the Loringiano Museum. A space that housed the collection of archeological pieces gathered by the Casa-Loring Marquises. This collection finally being the main element of the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Malaga although part of the funds of this collection can be visited in the Conception. In 1943 the garden was declared a historic-artistic garden. Today its considered of Cultural Interest. In this part you can see an huge ficus and centenarian palm trees that have become the main claim for visitors. Enjoy a walk through this area where you will find numerous ponds, bridges, waterfalls, pergolas and greenhouses.


The tropical landscape of this part of the garden has led to the shooting of numerous film plans and commercials that recreate scenes from India, Puerto Rico or Havana. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the tropical plants that will make you travel around the world without leave the city.


One of the most mythical spaces of this botanical garden is The Glycine Arbor. Glycine is a climbing plant from China. Its lilac flowers envelop the iron arbor and climb the ficus and palm trees that surround them. This plant blooms in spring and offers visitors an impressive show. In this place events are celebrated, especially during the flowering season.


In 1990 Málaga City Council purchased this property and they started to create different gardens with more modern features. This extension has different routes and collections that allow to visit the garden in a more orderly and academic way. Choose an itinerary and you can discover the history and curiosities of the many plants that fill this space. One of these modern spaces that is worth a visit is “Around the world in eighty trees”. Created in 1997 present the most common species in the five continents. Its organized as a path with trees to the left and right ordered according to their origin. An original way to enjoy a walk around the world.

Besides the importance of its botanical and patrimonial legacy, the garden of the Conception was an important meeting place of historical personages. Numerous politicians, artists, aristocrats and nobles met in these lands. One of the highlights of these meetings was the Casa Palacio. A mansion created as a recreation residence for the Marquis of Casa-Loring. The German architect August Orth built this villa in a classic style. Inside it had different rooms, kitchens, cellar, chapels and bedrooms. In addition it had a spectacular library with unpublished manuscripts, books of century XV, classics and others with the history of Malaga.


The botanical garden of Malaga is a surprising place in which you can lose yourself and disconnect from the routine. Choose one of our fantastic apartments in Malaga and enjoy an unforgettable getaway.