Picasso´s route in Málaga

Malaga is the city where Picasso was born and is full of corners, monuments and activities who remenber the mythical painter. We want you to enjoy the essence of this city in which art and culture are protagonists. That is why we have created this route for you, with which you can follow the steps of the Malaga´s genius by the most emblematic places of the city.

The first stop of our tour is the house where Picasso was born. Its located in the number 15 of the Merced Square, and is the current headquarters of the Picasso Birthplace Museum. This museum studies and disseminates the Picasso´s work and life. All the exhibition is organized in three main ways: the works art collection, the documentation center and the activities organization.

Its a perfect activity to do with the whole family. You will discover more about the history and development of the artist’s pictorial work. In addition to coming to visit us you will be part of L4MClub, a club full of advantages with which you will get discount on the ticket to visit this museum.


When you leave it you can take a walk around the Merced Square. A mythical place of the city of which we tell you everything in this post. Here Picasso enjoyed his childhood games there is a sculpture of him. In this place there is much movement, depending on the time you can find craft stalls or temporary exhibitions. You can also eat or take a break in one of the many terraces of restaurants and cafes that fill the square. A pleasant stop that will allow you to take the strength to continue with the route.


In front of the square you will find Granada Street, which will take you to the next point of our tour: the Santiago Church. On the frontage of this church you can see a plaque that informs us that Picasso was baptized here. Near you can access to San Agustín Street where you can find the Picasso Malaga Museum. Its located in the Buenavista Palace and houses a Permanent Collection that takes a tour of eight decades of work by the artist born in 1881. This museum was made possible by the daughter-in-law and the grandson of the painter who contributed giving the works shown here. You can see 233 works from 1892 to 1972. Picasso was a very versatile creator so you can see works from different artistic disciplines.


We continue the route visiting the old San Agustín Convent that in the past was the Municipal Museum. There Picasso’s father was museum curator. Also he was professor in the Arts School of San Telmo that at that time was located near the Place of the Constitution, in the same building where today the Ateneo is located. When Pablo Picasso was a little boy he studied very near here, in Comedias Street, there was the San Rafael School. In this area you can visit San Francisco Square where the Liceo was located and was the meeting point of the intellectuals of that time. There they did cultural gatherings and activities.


We move away a little of the center to go to the last stop of this route: the Malagueta bullring. There Picasso went to see many bullfights with his father. As you see, Malaga is full of the influence of this mythical painter.


As you walk the streets that saw him grow you can buy some souvenir related to Cubism in the many souvenir shops you will find. This city is full of culture and options to enjoy. Choose one of our boutique apartments in the center of Malaga and discover everything that this city can offer you.