Roman art in Málaga

Falling in love with Malaga is not difficult. It is a city that leaves a mark on the heart to who visits it. The Roman Empire left many monuments in the city that fill the streets with magic and history. We leave you a list of these emblematic places of the city that will allow you to know the tradition of Málaga.

Get into the historic center of Malaga and enjoy the views that can be seen from the Gibralfaro Castle. It was built in the 14th century to house the troops and protect the Alcazaba, today its one of the most visited monuments of the city.

In the past was considered the most impregnable fortress of the Iberian peninsula. It has two lines of walls and eight towers. The outer wall has walls in the form of zig zag that join the Castle with the Alcazaba. In the inner part there is a road that allows to surround the whole perimeter of the fort.

The Gibralfaro Castle is divided into two parts. At the top you can find the Interpretation Center where you can know the history of the Castle through its habitants. From this area you can admire the tower that is 17 meters high. The lower part was where the barracks of the troops and the stables were concentrated. You can visit this area and see the White Tower, one of the most visible and inside is preserved a cistern of the time.


One of the visits that you should not miss is the Alcazaba. Travel to Malaga from Al-Andalus by strolling through this fortress palace that was built in the 11th century by the Muslim rulers of the city. Its located at the base of Gibralfaro. Its route can be realized in an hour and a half. A fortress in which the defense needs of the time are united with the beauty of an Arab palace. Stroll through its patios full of gardens and ponds in which you can enjoy a calm moment in the middle of the city.


Its one of the most important Muslim works that are preserved in Spain. But what made it really special was its strategic location that allowed it to dominate the city and the bay. Take a stroll through history and enjoy the timeless beauty of its architecture.

At the foot of the Alcazaba, you can discover the Málaga´s Roman Theater and know curiosities of the Roman times of the city. This monument, which is already an icon of the city, remained hidden for centuries, was discovered in 1951. It was built in the first century AD and maintained its use until the 3rd century. Many of the materials were used in the construction of the Alcazaba. At the moment it works like Theater and realizes concerts and theatrical representations. You can also visit the interpretation center located inside it decorated in its exterior with fragments.


Built in the time of Augustus, in the first century AD, it maintained its use until the third century. Numerous materials such as ashlars, columns and carved stones were used for the construction of the Alcazaba.

The interpretation center is decorated on the outside by fragments of the Lex Flavia Malacitana, also known as Lex Malaca, a compendium of five tables composed of legal statutes that establish the passage from the Roman city of Malacca (Málaga) from federated city to Municipality of full right in the Roman Empire. Inside you can see original pieces recovered in the excavations.

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