Street Art in Málaga

Now we can see graffiti in many streets of major European cities. Málaga joins this trend that has become the main claim to visit one of its neighborhoods: Soho.

This district is located just behind the main street of Alameda, right in the historic center. This part of the city has become a tourist attraction for the murals that fill its streets and walls. This area has changed a lot in recent years thanks to an initiative carried out to make it the artistic district of Malaga. We invite you to discover the Soho and let yourself fall in love with the art that invades this part of the city.

We start the route from the river area. There you can find the Contemporary Art Center.


This museum hosts different exhibitions and becomes an obligatory stop if you love art and culture. The area of the bridge and the river have different murals that fill the walls with color.

Behind the CAC you can see two huge murals that have become one of the most photographed corners. One of them, the one on the right was made by Shephard Fairey and the next one was made by D-Face. Two very different works that surprise visitors.


When you come in the neighborhood you can lose yourself through the streets and discover the different paintings that decorate the walls. In “Casas de Campo” street you can watch a graffiti made by ROA, a Belgian street artist, who represents a big chameleon.


Enjoy walking around this modern and cosmopolitan neighborhood. And dont forget to look at the sky … in the buildings you will find birds and a surprising work of the Malaga artist Dadi. And if you choose us for your stay you can go to rest and relax in one of our fantastic apartments. You will feel right at home but with hotel services. Book your boutique apartment in Malaga and enjoy the vacation you deserve.