Visit the Atarazanas Market in Málaga

The Atarazanas Market is an original place, full of life, colors, smells and flavors that will make your visit to Malaga a delicious experience. Discovering the markets of a city can be a good starting point for getting to know the local culture and gastronomy. Our main objective is to show you the best of Malaga during your visit, and a key part of the city is its gastronomy. We want you to know and enjoy delicious local products, so if you book directly on our website, you will have this free Welcome Pack waiting for you on your arrival. A special way to enjoy the essence and the flavor of Málaga.


If you like get into the culture of your chosen destination, in the Atarazanas Market you will discover how its and how gastronomy is lived in this city. Its also known as “Central Market” and the current building in which its located is a Joaquín de Rucoba work. It was built between 1876 and 1879.

When you come into the market, you will be surprised by the mix of colors and smells that fill its hallways. We recommend you not go only to buy and approach the tour of the market with good attitude and desire to have a good time. Enjoy a different walk while shopping for typical products to prepare a delicious dinner that you can enjoy in one of our fantastic boutique apartments.

The market is organized by different areas in which stands are distributed with different types of food.


Area of ​​fish and seafood: fresh and top quality products to enjoy the authentic essence and taste of the Mediterranean. Make a romantic dinner in which the seafood is a protagonist, is the perfect end after a day discovering Malaga.


Vegetable and fruit zone: you will find a wide variety of these foods. Try the seasonal fruits or choose the essential elements to make a perfect salad.


Area of ​​sausages and cheeses: if you want to surprise your family and friends with a delicious and informal dinner, choose the tapas. You can create your own tapas with the products that you will find in this area of ​​the market. A cheeses table, typical sausages or some pickles to chop. You will surprise everyone in an easy way.


Meat zone: veal, chicken, lamb, you will find here all the varieties you can imagine. You can also buy other products like homemade hamburgers.


And if you dont like cooking, dont worry! you have the perfect gastronomic plan without leaving the market. Visit the Atarazanas Market Bar, a place where you can taste Malaga´s typical recipes, delicious tapas and much more.

In Malaga you will always find plans to enjoy during your stay. Book one of our fantastic apartments in the center and discover this city.