Walk through the English Cemetery in Málaga

Visiting a cemetery?. Maybe it sounds crazy, but we’re not talking about any cemetery. The English cemetery of Malaga it was declared of Cultural Interest in 2012. It was built in 1831 and is the first Protestant cemetery that was built in Spain. The initiative came from William Mark when he was then British Consul in Malaga. He wanted to give a decent treatment to all the Protestants who died in the region.

Before it was created, the death of a Protestant on Spanish soil was a problem. Spanish cemeteries were sanctified to the Catholic faith and there was no legal requeriment to regulate these situations. In this cemetery you will see the tombs of famous personages of the economic, social and cultural life of Malaga. For example, Robert Boyd, one of the partner of the General Torrijos who was shot with him and 47 other men on the “San Andres” beaches in 1831. The literature world has two of its outstanding figures buried here: Jorge Guillén and Gerald Brenan.


The cemetery was administered by British consuls during 175 years. They counted on a small contribution that was retired in 1903. This fact influenced in the state of the enclosure and caused that the gardens and the tombs suffered an almost total abandonment. To try to solve these problems of maintenance they decided to transfer the ownership of land to a foundation to be in charge of solving the subject of the financing. In 2006 the English Cemetery became to be property of English Cemetery Foundation of Malaga. A non-profit entity, created expressly to take charge of the administration of revenues and donations for the space preservation.


In 2012 was named Good of Cultural Interest by the Andalusian Council. In addition, due to its artistic and historical value, it´s also part of the Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe (ASCE).

Strolling through the English Cemetery of Malaga is an original and different activity in which you can enjoy art and history. Admire the sculptures and gardens that fill this place and discover the personalities it hosts. Although at the beginning you may think that this is a strange plan, visit this place will allow you to know many curiosities of Malaga. In addition, you can enjoy the nature that surrounds the environment filling it with color. The English Cemetery of Málaga is located at number 1 on Pries Avenue, at the end of Reding Street. It’s very close to the ´city center and to such emblematic places as the Pompidou Center or Larios Street. You can check the opening hours, prices and the visits they organize, in this link.

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